Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


How To Use Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil is a supplement that is on many peoples minds lately.

When we consider the amount of people who have a magnesium deficiency (remember nutritionists and personal trainers who take the time to test this generally find well over 75% of their clients are suffering from chronically low magnesium levels).

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The detrimental effects this low level state has on quality of life (including performance for the athletically inclined) and the possible concerns with taking oral magnesium it's easy to understand why.

The big question, and we'll do our best to answer it here is how to use
magnesium oil properly.

The first step in learning how to use magnesium oil is to find the right source
to order it from.

The good news is you have that issue covered already if you're on our site!

The next thing to consider when asking how to use magnesium oil is the different means of application and choosing the one that best fits our needs and lifestyle (and that could change by the day or week or month of course.)

The three methods agreed by professionals to be most effective are:

1) Spraying or applying magnesium oil directly on the skin.

Most people looking for the health benefits of this powerful supplement when
they first learn how to use magnesium oil choose this route.

Simply apply oil on your body as if it were a tanning lotion.

Athletes or those suffering from painful joints often focus behind their knees
or on their elbows and shoulders and other common "ache areas".

After application enjoy some relaxation time while the oil enters your body
through your pores.

This can be done in the morning, the evening or both.

I personally find it a good ritual to prepare for a healthy night's sleep.

2) The Foot Soak Method.

Also a very popular way how to use magnesium oil.

Especially among seniors or those with mobility issues or foot, toe and ankle
aches and pains.

Fill a foot tub (or if you have one a foot massage tub works great as well) with
enough oil to mid point of your toes, add warm water and enjoy!

Soak as long as you like just be sure to keep the water warm.

Can also be done any time of the day or night, one time or multiple times
depending on your desire and need.

3) Full Body Tub Soak.

Same idea as the foot soak method above but for your whole body.

Very good for general well being, relieving aches and pains and overall

Fill your bath tub with hot water and add 2 or 3 ounces of magnesium oil and
climb right in.

Enjoy your bath for as long as you like!

We hope this helped clear up any questions you may have had on how to use
magnesium oil.

It's truly a near miracle supplement that's helped change many lives for the
better, my own included.

Knowledge is power and knowledge that can be used to improve our health so
dramatically may be the most powerful knowledge of all.


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