Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium provides a host of benefits to the human body.

It provides relief to pain, relaxes and soothes muscles, improves airway health leading to less breathing difficulties, soothes the nervous system, improves joint and ligament flexibility, betters cardiovascular electrical impulses and nerve transmission, improves calcium balance in the blood vessels and leads to overall healthy and proper growth of the human body.

Magnesium Oil
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Magnesium Oil

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The adequate presence of magnesium in the body contributes to a happy, energetic and stress-free state of existence.

The ways to consume magnesium are through eating magnesium tablets or magnesium capsules, soaking in magnesium bath flakes, rubbing magnesium power or oil in the skin or by spraying magnesium oil to the skin.

Magnesium oil is in a strict sense not "oil" but rather a saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water.

The ability of magnesium to attract water molecules gives a oil-like texture.

Using magnesium oil spray to apply magnesium directly to the skin is the most convenient and efficient way to consume magnesium.

The skin absorbs the magnesium immediately on contact.

Using magnesium oil spray provides a host of advantages.

The spray avoids making the skin oily or leaving oil stains on the skin as happens when massaging the skin with magnesium oil directly.

Unlike other forms of magnesium, magnesium oil spray is magnesium in its natural form without any environmental toxins or contaminants.

Magnesium oil spray comes in the hexahydrate form which allows the body to retain the mineral until fully used.

This also eliminates potential side effects such as diarrhea that may occur when consuming contaminated magnesium tablets or capsules.

Magnesium oil spray is an effective medicine that provides quick relief to many common conditions such as itchy joints, sore muscles and muscle spasm.

It also finds use to cauterize and sterilize a cut quickly.

Magnesium oil may be sprayed directly to the required body parts such as arms, abdomen, thighs or anywhere else and if required rubbed in.

Magnesium oil spray also finds use as a natural tranquilizer to relaxing nerves, relieve tension and lower blood pressure.

Applying Magnesium oil spray on the body also provides rejuvenate benefits such as inducing deep sleep and relaxation.

Applying magnesium oil spray to the face gives a healthy glow.

Applying magnesium oil spray to the teeth strengthens healthy enamel and kills harmful bacteria that cause cavities.

Magnesium oil spray also provides detox benefits, cleansing the blood stream of impurities and improving the functioning of vital body parts.

The best time to spray magnesium oil for such purposes is after a refreshing bath.

The frequency of application of magnesium oil spray would depend on the need and the skin condition.

A good practice is to spray only a small amount, about 1-2 oz.

a day and increase the dosage gradually over time.

Within a period of three to four months, the spray will restore body cells deficient in magnesium.

Beyond that, the spray may be applied daily or three of four times a week as required depending on individual conditions to maintain the magnesium levels in the body.


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