Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Mag Oil

Mag oil is a new way to get magnesium, absorbed through your skin.

It is a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride and water which is easily applied, absorbed, and effective for therapeutic applications.

Magnesium oil does not contain oil.

Magnesium Oil
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Magnesium Oil

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It is called "oil" because of it's slippery to touch due to its high concentration of magnesium chloride.

Mag oil can be applied as magnesium spray, gel, lotion or in the form of baths.

Mag Oil Benefits

Benefits of Mag Oil include:

Is rapidly absorbed from the skin for uptake into body cells, organs, blood stream and tissue

It saturates tissues unlike oral supplements making larger amounts of magnesium available to your body

Local effects on muscles, skin and connective tissues is rapid unlike the oral supplements

Easy, safe, and convenient to apply onto the skin

Can be applied directly to the skin or used in bath and footbath

It doesn't involve pain that may be associated with the magnesium injection

There are no special equipments required during its administration

It is available in several forms, including magnesium gel, oil, and flakes

Self-regulating skin absorption

The body absorbs more magnesium from the skin i.e.

mag oil than that magnesium absorbed through oral supplements

Cheaper -Low cost per dose compared to orally administered magnesium supplement

It bypasses processing by the liver this is unlike to oral supplements

Doesn't involve gastrointestinal upset associated with the oral magnesium supplementations

It is also less expensive per dose compared to the intramuscular injections that are administered by health professions

Mag Oil Uses

The health conditions benefiting from the magnesium therapy ranges from acute condition e.g., stroke and myocardial infarction, to those frequently encountered by most people e.g., migraine headaches and muscle tension.

The uses for mag oil are as many as the uses for magnesium itself.

A person using the magnesium oil increases his magnesium level in his body sufficiently to reverse the deficiency and also he restores the optimal levels in the body.

He stands to gain all health benefits of brought by magnesium.

The many magnesium oil uses that are beneficial to the body include:

Muscle Relaxation.

Regular intake of magnesium oils to the body gives physical relaxation on your body limbs.

If one is deficient with magnesium, he can experience tension on upper back or by his neck.

Cardiovascular health-One of the key to an improved overall health or reduced risk of cardiovascular is through ample body supply of magnesium.

Energy production-Magnesium oil provides the body with 300 different enzymes which help the body achieve healthy and normal functioning.

It plays a key role in the Krebs cycle and energy producing reactions which happens in the body cell.

It also helps in regulating the calcium balance levels in the body cells.

Other key roles of magnesium in the functioning of the body are:

Adequate magnesium level is needed for proper bone growth.

Magnesium is also involved in:

Blood sugar regulation

Proper nerve functioning

Proper muscle functioning

Immune system support

Body temperature regulation

Maintenance of blood pressure

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