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Magnesium Oil Side Effects

Even though getting an overdose of magnesium from magnesium oil is rare, it
should not be taken lightly.

Magnesium, being the fourth most abundant element in the human body, serves over three hundred vital functions.

Though green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium, some people take additional magnesium supplements in the form of liquid, tablets and, magnesium oil to meet their daily recommended needs.

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A lower or higher intake of the mineral could harm the body. So magnesium oil
side-effects are common.

Though magnesium oil is applied externally, if used inappropriately (over dose), it could lead to several complications.

The following are the side-effects of using this oil inappropriately:

Skin allergy:
Magnesium oil may cause itching, hives and, eruption in some patients.

Intestinal cramps or diarrhea:
Since magnesium helps in the assimilation of other nutrients. so an overdose could lead to diarrhea as it acts as a laxative.

Cardiac arrest:
It may cause heart complications like unsteady heart beat, asytole, hypotension, myocardial conductivity etc.

Electrolyte disturbance:
Augmented amount of magnesium in blood (hypermagnesemia), causes electrolytic disturbance in patients with kidney stoppage, hypercalcemia and, hyperkalemia. such patienta experience weakness, nausea, impaired breathing etc.

Due to severe Hypermagnesemia, there is struggle between magnesium and calcium reabsorption, leading to hypocalcemia.

Loss of appetite:
Frequent use of magnesium oil may lead to an increased level of magnesium in the body, causing vomiting and loss of appetite.

Respiratory problems:
Overdose of magnesium may lead to chest tightening and impaired respiration.

Frequent use of this oil may lead to swelling of lips, mouth, tongue and, face.

Low blood pressure:
Over measured quantity of magnesium due to frequent use of magnesium oil leads to severe low blood pressure.

Muscle weakness and shuddering:
Since magnesium helps in absorption of other nutrients, lack or over dose of this mineral disturbs the levels of other minerals in the body, thus, leading to problems like slow reaction, hyperventilation, shuddering, muscle weakness, malaise, excessive sweating,
revulsion etc.

People taking the following medicines, could be allergic to magnesium oil:-

Diabetes medicines:
People taking diabetes medicines need to adjust their dose if they use magnesium oil on a regular basis. Else it will create disturbance in blood sugar level.

Magnesium reduces the absorption of certain antibiotics (eg: tetracycline antibiotic). Hence, the magnesium oil should be used two hours after consuming the antibiotics.

Blood pressure medicines:
Using magnesium oil on a regular basis may increase the level of magnesium in the body, which increases the side-effects caused by blood pressure medicines leading to fluid retention, nausea, dizziness etc.

This medicine is used to treat under-active thyroid. Excessive magnesium in the body may reduce the effectiveness of this medicine.

Alendronate and Tiludonate:
These two medicines are used for curing osteoporosis. Excessive magnesium interferes in the absorption of these medicines.

So magnesium oil should be used an hour after consuming these medicines.

Even though getting an overdose of magnesium from magnesium oil is rare, it should not be taken lightly.

A doctor should be consulted in case of occurrences of any side-effect from using magnesium oil.

Patients with kidney and heart problems should use the magnesium oil under strict supervision of the physician.

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