Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Magnesium Oil DHEA

It's agreed magnesium oil is truly a miracle supplement.

Especially for the active and the athletic or for those suffering from fatigue or injury.

By now, I'm sure you've heard of magnesium oil's uses to replenish energy and heal the body naturally, but have you heard about magnesium oil dhea rejuvenation? The information is truly mind blowing.


Magnesium Oil
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First a quick recap on what exactly Dhea is and why it's important to have our Dhea at optimum levels.

Dhea (short for Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced in our bodies.

It's normally abundant and is converted into the "sex" hormones of testosterone and estrogen by our regular body processes.

It influences how we distribute calories (to either fat or muscle), how vibrant our sex drives are (we all know how important that can be) and goes even as deep as our mental states (for example low Dhea levels are often associated with depression).

This is just a few areas our Dhea levels effect.

So we can see it's a very important hormone and not one that we'd like to be deficient in, if we have any sense.

This leaves us to face the fact that a variety of recent studies show over half of us suffer from low to chronically low Dhea levels.

Once we realize we could suffering from low Dhea levels, it's easily taken care of isn't it? We can just supplement with Dhea to clear these issues up.

A few capsules a day and back to normal? Not exactly.

This is where we have to pay attention.

The body is sometimes a bit of a riddle and this is one of those cases.

The hard truth is Dhea supplementation has been shown to have almost NO effect at all on the body's Dhea levels.

It just doesn't get into the blood stream efficiently enough as a oral supplement to have any effect.

One may as well take candy or aspirin in place of a Dhea capsule.

That's the bad news for those of us who have a bottle of Dhea in the closet.

The good news is their is a quick, easy way to boost our Dhea to a healthy level or even back to that of our teens (including those of us in our 40s and beyond!) I gave a hint to the solution in the beginning of this article: Magnesium Oil!

Magnesium oil Dhea rejuvenation is a fact.

Simple application of magnesium oil behind the knees or on sore joints (really wherever you like) starts a variety of beneficial chemical reactions as it passes through the skin - one of which has shown to end up in sky rocketing Dhea levels.

Sky-rocketing to optimum with all the positive affects that brings along with it.

This has been demonstrated repeatedly by athletes taking saliva tests at sports clinics and more importantly in real life testimonials of many a happy user of Magnesium oil.

This is addition to all the other benefits of magnesium oil.

Magnesium Oil Dhea rejuvenation is the icing on the cake for this super supplement for those of us who take a pro-active interest in our health and well being.


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