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Transdermal Magnesium

Now it's universally agreed that 99% of us need to be actively supplementing with magnesium if we want to be able to perform the way should be able to perform or enjoy the highest quality of life we could enjoy.
Some of us are certainly in more dire need of supplementing with magnesium than others.

We're suffering from unnecessary pain, tied down by chronic fatigue or other ailments like high blood pressure.

Magnesium Oil
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All things that having adequate magnesium levels have been shown to counteract and in some cases even cure.

But hold on, before you rush to the corner store and buy a bottle of magnesium pills, read the rest of this article.

It's often the case with supplements and vitamins and minerals, it's not just what you take and how much - it's the delivery method as well.

This is never more true than with magnesium.

In this case it's 100% true in fact!

Enter transdermal magnesium.

Transdermal magnesium is magnesium delivered in a spray or a rub on oil.

It contains a natural carrier which brings the magnesium through your skin directly and safely into your system.

Nothing is lost in digestion and none of the horrid effects oral magnesium can have on most people's stomachs is felt.

In case you were wondering what I mean here, just think oral magnesium is used to treat constipation or to clear the colon quickly and rapidly.

This equals stomach issues even if you aren't constipated I can assure you.

Which in turn equals a supplement you'll never see the benefits of because you will never, and I mean never, take it every day.

Transdermal magnesium avoids all these types of issues completely.

Really what good is a supplement that impairs your lifestyle choices rather than expands them?

Another important thing to consider when debating the merit of transdermal magnesium is that nearly all of the eye opening doctor studies being cited in popular books that sing the praise of the health benefits of magnesium supplementation have been conducted with the patients being given transdermal magnesium oil.

Only one or two (which is a very small percentage of the total number of these types of studies) used intravenous magnesium.

None used oral magnesium supplements at all!

Don't be put off by the idea of something new.

Transdermal magnesium is as easy as can be to use.

Follow the directions on the bottle of course.

Generally this is just a number of sprays or rubs on the inside of the arms or back of legs (or both) or wherever else you feel most comfortable applying the transdermal magnesium.

Don't forget to target areas you're feeling muscle pain or discomfort in.

For this issue alone transdermal magnesium is a god send!

The more creative among us have added small amounts of transdermal magnesium to foot baths or even our own bath tub to utilize it's healing and rejuvenate powers.

The effects of transdermal magnesium oil are so remarkable they often approach life changing! A few applications a day can make all the difference.

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