Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Transdermal Magnesium Oil-Nature's Miracle Cure

One of the seven most important nutrients for our body is magnesium.

An issue of great concern as per the U S Department of Health, is the growing depletion of magnesium in our modern diets.


Magnesium Oil
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The ever- increasing density of cases of fatigue, muscular pains, cardio-vascular problems, diabetes and hypertension has set off alarm bells ringing in all health department's leading to exponential research in the field.

This deficiency, it was found, had to be combated with magnesium replacement in the diet.

Intravenous form of magnesium replacement is expensive and quite painful.

The oral ingestion of magnesium is known to cause gastro- intestinal sensitivity and often diarrheal tendency.

More often than not, taken orally magnesium is rarely absorbed by our body.

Transdermal magnesium treatment therefore emerged as the most effective even for those with a highly sensitive systems.

Transdermal magnesium oil is the ancient secret of good health.

Derived purely from a natural source, mainly an extract from the sea called magnesium chloride, makes the transdermal magnesium the most convenient, the safest and most effective for the delivery of magnesium to our system.

The easy application of the transdermal magnesium oil with its quick absorption needing no professional help perhaps is the reason for its popularity.

From sportsmen wanting quick relief from muscular pain and fatigue or those needing a higher performance, its benefits are phenomenal.

The regular usage of the oil has helped in increasing magnesium's cellular presence in the body and helped in the regenerative and healing process.

The simple topical usage of the oil is non-fussy, needing no medical supervision and is a do-it -yourself form of treatment.

The mild, clear oil passes through the skin into the tissue with its super- quick absorption rubbed on the body, it also reduces stress, pampers the senses and slows down the heart to help soothe your senses.

An ounce of the transdermal magnesium oil sprayed and massaged all over can produce one of the most dramatic difference to cellular magnesium levels.

Potentially the greatest benefit of the transdermal magnesium oil is its detoxifying feature.

Research proves that usage in the armpit reaches the lymph nodes which as we know are the cleansers of our blood.

Once it reaches the blood stream, it replenishes magnesium in those tissues that are deficient.

Sprayed on hands and feet at night, also has a regenerative and therapeutic effect.

From reduction of Achilles tendon pain, swollen feet to the unbearably acute hamstring pain, all of these may be relieved using this oil.

Effective to fight the ageing process, when free radicals play havoc with our skin, bones and every organ of the body, producing rigidity in our joints and spine due to calcification, causing cataracts and growing inflexibility.

Regular usage of transdermal magnesium oil produces a more supple body, reducing wrinkles combining most effectively with antioxidant and hydrogen.

The transdermal magnesium oil is a miracle and a gift of nature, produced without a chemical process, by a simple evaporation of sea water.

With benefits for even those not deficient in magnesium, for instance in cases of diphtheria, poliomyelitis and paralysis, makes it nothing short of a miracle.

The transdermal magnesium oil is the repository of good health and longevity.


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