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What Does Magnesium Help

Magnesium is a vital nutrient in the body that is required for better nerve
function, good bone growth, and efficient muscle function this is meant to
answer questions like what does magnesium help.

It is scientifically proven that the body contains approximately 25 grams of the
magnesium mineral.

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The following is descriptive information on what magnesium helps the
body. Magnesium helps with anxiety.

Magnesium is quite often prescribed as a treatment for anxiety.

This is because of its anti stress effects to the body.

It is used to care for other hyperactive disorders like chronic fatigue,
fibromyalgia and lyme disease, pre menstrual syndrome, leg cramps, asthma,
urinary diseases, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

In some situations magnesium is used as ointment for infected skin ulcers,
carbuncles also used to fasten healing in wounds and treating boils.

It is occasionally used to treat severe skin disorders caused by bacteria and
other skin infections.

Some significant proportions of magnesium are found in most ointment and beauty
products that are meant to treat bacterial infections and some notable skin

Magnesium also is used to treat some heart diseases and diseases that attack the blood vessels.

In some cases magnesium is used for treating chest pain, high cholesterol
levels, irregular heartbeats, heart valve disease, high blood pressure and heart
attack in some people.

This makes magnesium one of the very important minerals that are required by the body answering the question what does magnesium help.

The body requires magnesium for additional 300 biochemical activities in the
body; it regulates blood sugar, enhances normal blood pressure, and supports
immune system, proper nerve functions and also energy metabolism.

This clearly illustrates the magnesium is highly required by the body for its
normal functions. In the operation room at the hospitals, magnesium is applied as a laxative for constipation and grounding for the bowel for surgical procedures.

Besides this it is a requirement as an antacid for acid digestion and

This simply means that without magnesium the operation may not be carried out as expected.

In Africa, magnesium is taken orally by the elderly people to treat magnesium
deficiency especially among the old but this is not a common practice among
other western countries.

In this context it is a major supplement for the elderly.

This is because in old age magnesium levels drop as a result bones become weak.

In sports, magnesium is used for muscle endurance, efficient breathing and
increase the energy levels by athletes, footballers and other sports

This is because it helps in boosting energy levels and makes the muscle not to
fall pray to fatigue.

Food sources that contain magnesium includes; green leafy vegetables, legumes, seeds, legumes, and nuts, diary products, chocolate, coffee and also meat are also sources of magnesium.

To some extent hard water that is to say water with high mineral content is also
recommended as a source for magnesium nutrients.

In conclusion the above benefits or importance of magnesium to the body simply completely answers and confirms that magnesium is important to the body and it works hence answering the question what does magnesium help.

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