Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

Chronic illness and diseases caused by toxins and pathogens are very common.

In modern living, people have accepted to live with chronic diseases but if the body is well nourished with proper minerals, there will be less cases of these diseases.

Magnesium is one of the very important mineral that human body needs, but it is not well publicized.

Magnesium Oil
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According to research, magnesium has been proved to play a very vital role in our bodies and in the maintenance of good health.

Transdermal Magnesium chloride is very important, doctors recommends people go for it's therapy as it is very effective.

It has been used since ancient seas beds over twenty five thousand years ago, it is the most natural and fastest way to top up magnesium levels in your body.

Athletes are also advised to take magnesium chloride as it reduces spasms.

Magnesium greatly helps the muscles to tighten and relax appropriately. You may be recommended by naturopath to take magnesium cell salts if you have spasms.

The transdermal magnesium chloride is absorbed in the body very fast.

Transdermal magnesium therapy involves massaging and spraying magnesium "oil" into the skin or you may take a salt bath.

In a few minutes, magnesium will start working in your entire body .

When Transdermal magnesium chloride enter into the blood stream, it is delivered to the tissues that need it quickly

What are the benefits of transdermal magnesium chloride?

Magnesium chloride is mostly used in therapy, it can also be used daily as a mineral supplement.

It has the following benefits"

Skin-It helps the skin stay smooth and remove wrinkles.

Dental- Can be used as mouth wash, it raises pH of the mouth, strengthens teeth and if you have gingivitis, it is excellent.

Note that, magnesium is the one that makes enamel hard and not calcium.

Mucous membrane-Though it has stimulative effect, some people with low nose and eye concentrations applies magnesium chloride .

Some people also apply it in the other areas of the body.

Tonic-Used in general tonic, since magnesium is essential in enzyme reactions, it helps in cell physiology and energy production.

When you constantly use transdermal magnesium chloride, expect more sex energy, endurance and more energy.

Sports- Magnesium is one of the major mineral nutrients that people in sports need.

Thought sweat, people loose vital minerals and one of them is magnesium.

If you have adequate magnesium in your body, you will less likely to have fatigue, your blood sugar will also be more in control.

Pain Relief- For any kind of injuries including sports injury, aches and pains, magnesium chloride relieves the pain effectively.

Natural immune booster- Magnesium is not a antibiotic, and research has shown that it has no direct effect on bacteria.

It is good in fighting viral diseases.

Memory and Cognitive function- People who lack sufficient magnesium, chloride in their bodies usually have decreased memory and learning ability.

In adults and children, magnesium can highly improve the cognitive function in them.

Other Magnesium chloride benefits

Reduces muscles tension

Ease migraines and headaches

Soothes pain and sore

Reduces stress and very effective in mood improvement

Helps in calcium assimilation

Improves cardiovascular health

Boosts vitality


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