Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Magnesium Oil Uses

Magnesium oil is a solution of magnesium chloride that is soluble in water.

The high concentration of magnesium chloride makes it oil-like and easy to apply.

Magnesium Oil
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Magnesium Oil

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The magnesium oil uses are mainly centred on its natural health benefits.

This has resulted to its increased popularity and therefore is widely used across the world. It is easy to use as it can either be consumed orally or applied on the skin.

The most effective way of using it is by applying it on the skin.

Ingesting it will lead to wastage of some of it as not all of it is absorbed into the body system.

The magnesium oil uses are:

1) Magnesium oil is used in relieving pain.

It is used for chronic diseases to ease the severe pain a patient may be subjected to.

The oil is mainly used by doctors to relieve the pain felt by patients suffering from arthritis, muscle cramps and osteoporosis.

The oil is gently applied on the affected areas and it automatically relieves the pain.

2) It is widely used in therapeutic massages.

The oil, when rubbed on peoples' bodies, relaxes, soothes their nerve and has a calming effect on their senses.

This effect helps people reduce sensory overload and stress.

3) The oil is used as a supplement for those who are deficient of magnesium in their bodies.

Rubbing the oil on the body will enable magnesium to get into the body quickly.

Taking the oil orally is a slower way of utilising the mineral into the body than rubbing the oil on the skin or taking a bath using the oil.

4) Nerves can be calmed using this oil.

This is mostly for over-excited and irritated nerves in epileptics experiencing seizures and pregnant women having convulsions.

5) Magnesium oil induces good sleep.

Those deficient of magnesium have restless sleep with frequent awakenings and this can be solved by use of the oil.

6) Magnesium oil is used by the aging.

The health of bones and teeth, poor blood circulation and glandular disorders can be improved by use of the magnesium oil.

7) It helps prevent body odours such as underarm odours and feet odours.

It is therefore used as a deodorant.

8) In sporting activities, magnesium oil is used to prevent and treat injuries.

It helps to increase flexibility of muscles hence reducing the risk of one being injured.

In case of injury, it helps reduce pain and soreness.

It also ensures that tissues are regenerated quickly thus quick recovery.

In addition to this, increased amount of magnesium in sports people reduces fatigue, thereby increasing their performance.

9) It helps in keeping the body structures soft.

This is due to muscles getting flexible and more relaxed.

There is also improvement of the skin and the mucous membrane.

Magnesium oil uses are widely known and have proven to be of great benefit to all users.

Despite the wide variety of benefits, too much use of the magnesium oil may result to weakening of muscles.

Caution should also be taken in cases of patients suffering from severe kidney problems and low blood pressure.

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