Magnesium Oil Benefits For Your Health 


Magnesium Oil and Fibromyalgia

Magnesium oil is rich in magnesium chloride and other minerals. It is not oil as such but has an oily feeling when you apply it on your skin.

Magnesium is an important element to your body, however supplementing it orally is often difficult since if you consume Epson salts that contain magnesium, you are likely to diarrhea, other salts of magnesium have laxative effect when taken orally and pills are not recommended as they worse or ineffective.

Therefore the best alternative way of getting sufficient magnesium is by using magnesium as a supplement absorbed by the skin.

In fact, those living close to clean ocean water and swim daily often absorb lots of minerals through their skins including magnesium.

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The main reason why it is recommended to apply or rub magnesium oil on your skin is due to the fact that it processes great absorbing qualities.

Unlike supplements in form of pills whose lots of nutrients are washed away out of our systems before getting into the bloodstream, when a solution of magnesium oil is applied on the skin, it is absorbed exactly like that.

There are no phases of digestion that it goes through and consequently magnesium gets into your bloodstream within a very short period of time which is very essential.

There are many side effects of insufficient supply of magnesium on your body. These side effects usually range from mild to very serious.

Mild problems may include regular cramps and headaches while serious side effects may include complications of the heart and even insomnia.

Actually, heart attacks would bet no more if everyone consumed sufficient magnesium.

This can show you how important magnesium is for your body.

Magnesium is so vital to the heart because it is acting as a muscle relaxant.

The contraptions of the heart can be harder if they are not relaxed adequately to beat properly which can cause heart attack.

Spraying is the best method of applying magnesium oil.

A little magnesium oil can be put on the hand and rubbed over the legs and arms.

As the levels of magnesium rises to normal it can then be rubbed all over the body.

Overdosing with this oil is impossible as the skin will only absorb the much your body requires.

It takes about 20 minutes only for most absorption to take place. Before applying magnesium oil ensure that you remove any creams, lotions, oils or any other barrier.

Magnesium oil can sting when applied on wounds or open cuts therefore avoid these areas on your skin though it can be useful.

Also the mouth, nose mucus membranes or eyes should be avoided. The right dosage is 1 to 2 teaspoons daily for adults.

However higher doses are recommended for first 3 to 4 months so that the levels of cellular magnesium can be restored properly.

After this period you can use lesser amounts.

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Children can start small with diluted quantity or using it in the bath. In case you need to wash off the salt after it has been used then you should wait for about 20 minutes following application.

 Magnesium Oil and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition characterized by allodynia (painful heightened response to pressure) and chronic pain.

It is composed of three words: fibro meaning "fibrous tissue", myo meaning "muscle" and, algos meaning "pain".

So it literally refers to connective tissue and muscle pain.

In this disorder, psychological pain is produced due to neurobiological abnormalities.

Exact causes of this disease are currently unknown.

However, several medical experts have the opinion that nutritional deficiencies, such as magnesium deficiency might have a role to play in this direction.

This disorder is more common in females than males.

Signs of this disorder include muscular spasms, insomnia, nerve pain, anxiety, palpitations, depression, hypoglycemia, gastro-intestinal disorders etc.

Since these symptoms are common to both magnesium deficiency as well as fibromyalgia, it is often said that magnesium deficiency causes this disorder.

Hence, physicians usually prescribe magnesium supplements (liquids, chewing magnesium tablets or magnesium oil) along with other supplements to get beneficial impact on these symptoms.

Magnesium is a vital mineral which plays a key role in three hundred metabolic reactions in the human body.

It helps in neuro-muscular signaling and is a co-factor of many important enzymes.

Due to the over processed food we eat and the treated water we drink, most people suffer from magnesium deficiency.

Oral magnesium supplements in the form of tablets are hard to assimilate and they take a long time before the magnesium levels in the body can be raised to restore cell functions.

Hence, external supplements like magnesium oil are highly recommended for combating fibromyalgia.

Role of Magnesium Oil:

Relieves stress:

Magnesium oil prevents adrenal gland fatigue.

Adrenaline hormone (stress hormone) production requires high levels of magnesium in the body.

So magnesium supplements reduce stress.

Magnesium is used as a sedative (neuro system relaxant) for patients who are under stress.

Helps in ATP synthesis and improves brain functions:

Magnesium acts as a co-factor of many enzymes and helps in conversion of sugar to ATP during Krebs cycle.

The brain relies on ATP for many functions.

Magnesium combines with ATP and prevents it from disintegrating into ADP and phosphates.

Thus, magnesium oil it helps in improving brain cognitive functions.

Proper muscle functioning:

Magnesium and calcium are responsible for muscle relaxation and contraction.

So magnesium deficiency upsets the balance between them leading to twitches, muscle spasms, muscle tension, restlessness etc.

Thus, magnesium oil helps in proper muscle functioning.

Regulates nerve actions:

Without adequate magnesium, the nerves become too sensitive to small stimuli.

So magnesium oil supplement reduces hangover, migraine, extremely weird emotional disturbances etc.

Increases exercise tolerance:

In fibromyalgia, the action of the stress hormones (adrenalin) are disrupted.

On the contrary epinephrine hormone is released in large amounts which cause vaso-constriction of blood vessels leading to low exercise tolerance.

However increased level of magnesium counteracts this effect of the epinephrines by acting as a vasodilator.

As the muscles around the blood vessels get relaxed, more oxygen flows during exercise.

Inhibits nerve receptors:

Magnesium oil inhibits nerve receptors (NMDA), which are thought to be the source of fibromyalgia pain.

Thus, fibromyalgia symptoms can be reduced by rubbing two teaspoons of magnesium oil onto the skin gaily

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